Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

lol. You know that's a joke. Take your fanboy hat off.

What took you so long, I thought Nikon trolls never sleep monitiring Canon forums

In terms of sharpness and resolution Nikon's dirt cheap 50mm 1.8G waltzes past Canon much more expensive 1.4 at every single aperture. We'd best not talk about the massive light falloff on the Canon lens either...

You can look at the charts until your eyes pop But in real life Canon 50/1.4 wipes the floor with Nikkor 50/1.8G in terms of producing pleasing images with nice color and microcontrast.

But wait, let's talk charts. I've been following Photozone since about the time that guy bought his first Rebel, a copy of Imatest and pretended to be a lens reviewer by borrowing a few lenses from others. He has been highly criticized on this forum for his results rarely matched experiences of others. He simply makes money off his website, but he is clueless and his results always have been worthless. Good luck relying on his pointless MTF-50 that tell you nothing about microcontrast or his amateurish setup.

While not perfect as well, clearly shows better light distribution and contrast on Canon 50/1.4, better center sharpness passed f/2 and dramatically better everything passed f/4. The only area where Nikkor wins is extreme corner sharpness wider than f/4 than matters not in real life due to shallow DOF. It also has a better bokeh than the D version.

Canon 50/1.4 is far from perfect, but used properly it yields stunning quality photos for very little money and thus is a very good value. The images from Nikkor 50/1.8G don't appeal to me at all, so it's value to me is none. I am not bashing Nikkor at all. Any lens maker has good and bad products and this one is the worst in the current Nikkor lineup in my humble opinion. But if it works for you, great, then it is a better value for you.

You got rid of the wrong lens

Actually, I replaced it with Nikkor 60/2.8G Micro, a dramatically better product. Nikon makes many good lenses, but the Chinese made 50/1.8G with plastic mount is not one of them.

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