D600: a pretty quiet introduction...

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Re: Two nails that are too close together...

I agree. In hindsight, I think Nikon sees the D800 should have been $3199 and the D600 $1999 and then the supply/demand for these bodies would have been closer to balanced while maximizing profit (yes, I know I am just guessing here with no real info).

I too, am waiting for a D400 as I believe it will suit my true needs best. I think Nikon seriously understimates the demand for this body market segment based on their current apparent FX focus. The good news is that maybe the less than anticipated D600 sales will help Nikon execs see that. I hope to hear a D400 rumor sometime in late October as I believe that many of them are deliberate leaks by Nikon.

JimPearce wrote:

I think Nikon took initial demand for the D800 as confirmation that their FX-heavy marketing strategy was right. But with the $2100 price point on the D600 is simply too high to build the kind of demand they were looking for. And the quality control issues have impacted D800 sales. Meanwhile they've killed their golden goose, the DX line, by dissing its aspirational value. They have nothing to sell between $999 and $2100. And Nikon 1 is making a big sucking sound. I'm sure they'll fix much of this early next year, but I'm predicting a rough fall and winter.

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