A new iMac for the wife. Which one.

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Re: A new iMac for the wife. Which one.

pricklyp geear wrote:

My wife wants an iMac. I got 21.5" myself a few months ago and now she wants one. Actually, she needs one as her PC went kaputt.

I was thinking about giving her mine and getting the 27" for myself.


  • Any reliable info on when Apple might release a new iMac?

  • Aside from the size difference, is there any performance difference in the screen/IQ?


Why not ask her which one she wants? A hand me down for the wife? My friend, just buy her what she wants.

You may want to hold off because apparently inventories for iMacs are getting low which hints at new iMacs coming soon and likely to be introduced with a 7" iPad.

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