Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Here's a recent one from the 50 1.8G taken with the D600 by someone else...

Great British Landscapes wrote:

ugotvijay wrote:

I never said that the 50 1.8G is junk

I never said you did - Press Correspondent did though. You missed the context.

Care to explain (in layman terms) why its a ridiculous statement? I'm not being sarcastic here....really would like to know why....

I've already said it - resolution numbers don't lie. The reason for the disclaimer is that the camera bodies they test on obviously cannot be the same. Photozone use a D3X (24MP) for many of their Nikon Full Frame tests and a 5DMKII (21MP) for Canon. The pixel pitch of the sensors are obviously not identical so they will get different readings for both lenses on different bodies. However, given that they ARE very similar, there will be no huge anomalies, therefore the charts ARE very much meaningful, not EXACTLY comparable, but VERY MUCH meaningful and useful. In this instance it shows that the hyper cheap 50mm 1.8G from Nikon easily matches the Canon 1.4 which is nearly twice the price. No one can say it can't, as much as that information may somehow dent any perceived mantle Canon's 50 1.4 sits on. You shouldn't look at the charts for the new Canon 24-70 MKII either because those too are revealing the truth about the actual performance of the lens which is nowhere near the hyperbole coming from people who've read far too much into Canon's usual marketing spin. Another over-priced averagely performing lens by the looks of it...

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