Shooting RAW as religious doctrine

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Re: Now that storage is cheap...

Guy Parsons wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Why can't you set your raw converter on your computer such that by default it produces equivalent images to the raw converter in your camera?

In that case there is no point in using RAW at all.

The truth for me is that the camera jpegs are good enough for my amateur use and occasionally they need a little individual tickling after upload. The RAWs are there for a safety net.

Currently my E-PL1 is tuned thusly....

And that is good for most occasions for me.

What I do works for me, obviously what you do works for you, that's why everyone joins in this sort of religious thread with differing opinions that usually just serve to confuse the newbies.

Regards........... Guy

Wow, this is my whole feeling about the RAW thing. And wow, this thread exploded.

The first argument is that RAW can be done as a batch process. Jpeg does the same thing though without the extra step. RAW allows more flexibility in shadows and highlights.That is true, but that means I have to touch the image seperately from the batch RAWs to get the image I want.

My solution is to use RAW+JPEG. I only touch the RAW images that were done in harsh lighting or in low lighting. On the rare occasion, maybe fix the white balance. Other than that, the Oly JPEGs work fine for me.

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