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Re: a99 SLT: live-view blinking highlights

1DanC wrote:

I'm not saying its not helpful, but its not accurate, it can't be, that's why you need to do after the shot confirmation of clipping. What is evident to me though is that it is not perceived as such a critical tool since it hasn't been incorporated into any of the higher spec cameras. Surely if it was such a boon to photography Sony would have been advertising it in big letters. "Never get an exposure wrong again". But they haven't and they don't. Even if you google it there is so little said about it that one wonders why it isn't talked about more.

Well, if we followed that logic (and I am being charitable using the term "logic"), then any feature that Sony chooses not to use, even if they once used it, is by definition not useful.

There are a number of features that are extremely useful that manufacturers choose to drop for a multitude of reasons (e.g cost, market segmenting etc).

Canon had a brilliant feature on their 1D cameras called Depth-of-Field Priority Mode or DEP Auto. It was so damn useful it's amazing that they dropped it soon after introducing it. So in your world, "logic" would dictate that the feature is of no use??!

You say:

" precisely what areas of your image are likely to blow out". How can something be precisely likely? I guess you agree its not accurate.

The cynic in me says that you are being mischieviously pedantic. I think what he means is that, you can tell, with the aid of live blinking highlights, precisely what AREAS of your image are likely to blow out.

And I don't understand your pedantic fixation with whether or not the feature is 100% accurate. Matrix Metering Mode aint exactly accurate either is it? But it exists on most cameras AS A GUIDE and the photographer learns to adjust exposure according to the exposure bias of the metering within their camera.


"looking at blinking highlights after the fact". They are not blinking highlights, but actually clipping in the actual digital data ie all zeros or all ones and therefore no way to rescue the shot. That is more important information for post processing.

Again, pendantically misunderstanding what really I suspect you do understand (by the poster's turn of phrase)

Dan C

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