Does 5DII or 5DIII Have APC Crop Mode?

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Re: Not always

ohyva wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

$2k for a camera is a stretch for some people. Time comes every few years when they buy a new camera. Say they decide to make the transition, they can't afford the camera and a full set of lenses in one go, so if they have crop lenses and can make do for a period till they have the money, that's an advantage. As they gather the resource they swap out the crop lenses for FF ones. Now, they might as you say have been planning the transition for years and been buying only FF lenses, but to do that they would have to have had advanced warning of Canon and Nikon's product roadmap.

A much better approach is IMHO to save the money and use a far less expensive crop camera, and buy instead or in addition some nice FF capable lenses. Then when you eventually go to FF you have the lenses - or at least some - already.

While in abstract that might be a better planned approach, it rather excludes those who have not been party to Canon and Nikons product plans, and failed to predict that they might all of a sudden be able to contemplate FF for their next upgrade. Personally, I thinks it's wise to select from cameras actually available, rather than spending your life preparing for what might be avaialble.

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