M43 Shutter Shock revisited New Article with EM5 data

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Re: M43 Shutter Shock - Thank you all

Anders W wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Ever since I bought a 45-200 for my G1 I was so disappointed with the results. Yet occasionally I would get a really sharp result, - which puzzled me. Lab tests at home showed it to perform really well, yet out in the field (with generally poorer light) mainly I got failure after failure.

Examining the images didn't make sense to me, but now that I have found this thread and read through, all is becoming clear. I will now do my upmost to operate within the 'safe' shutter speed region whenever possible.

Glad you found the culprit. Even though this issue makes noone happy, it helps to be aware of what it is and find a way to work around it, doesn't it?

I must say I am quite excited about the new GH3 having a electronic first shutter - which should totally eradicate these problems, but woul far rather upgrade to the OMD-5 due to its inbuilt IBIS and also is fantastic dynamic range.

Q: Will the OMD ever be brought out with an electronic shutter - I do hope so. I will be first on the list (as long as they don't downgrade the sensor at the same time - I say that, as it appears in tests that the GH3 doesn't have as good a sensor as the OMD?).

Yes, the electronic shutter is certainly a nice idea although it can be used only with relatively static subjects. I certainly wish that my E-M5 would have it and I still nurture a faint hope that they might be able to implement it via a firmware upgrade. Doesn't seem impossible at all, and I am surprised that they haven't thought about this already when designing earlier generations of MFT cameras.

Regarding your comment/fear that 'an Electronic shutter may only be able to be used with static subject', I have some good news. I also use a Sony A77 and it is set to 'electronic first curtain' - a mode to no doubt prevent shutter shock or lag. - It really works and I do a lot of fast action sport. So fingers crossed for our M4/3 future.

However, I am curious what makes you think that the GH3 sensor is not as good as that of the E-M5. My guess would have been that it might even be the same sensor. Do you have a link to the source you are thinking of?

I may have made a mistake saying that, or I may have misinterpreted some info I have read, but below I have posted a link, which compares 2 panasonic sensors on test against the OMD and the OMD appears to have far superior dynamic range (that is a big issue for me).

So I fear for what the GH3 may bring - especially as it seems to be more video than photo focused...
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors/Compare-cameras-side-by-side/ (appareil1) 793%7C0 (brand) Olympus (appareil2) 701%7C0 (brand2) Panasonic (appareil3) 677%7C0 (brand3) Panasonic

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