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Re: sorry Mako

Sorry Mako, I fully understand and agree that close up testing with a 45 degree chart can give "erroneous" results. I was joking about your comment about getting "erogenous" results. Now I get as excited as most people here about new gear, but not about the testing of it

As eager and generous with your time as you are to help others with their focusing and other problems, I couldn't help noting the Freudian slip of your words as it really gave me a laugh, and I thought it would you as well when you noticed it.

Mako2011 wrote:

TOR8472 wrote:

Woah - I knew some people get excited about camera testing here, but I've never gotten "erogenous" results from any of my camera testing

If anyone would make that slip, I find it particularly amusing that it happened to Mako in a Barry F thread.

Mako2011 wrote:

Great advice and love the music!! Be careful though of the 45 degree ruler on table method. With the 4800DX unit it will often give erogenous results.

To illustrate:

The body here requires zero fine tune. It was tested for calibration using the normal method Nikon uses and has been rechecked many times.

Using the slant range chart method showed it needed a -10 correction regardless of where the central sensor fell. The 3 focus boxes and there associate arrays where drawn using ViewNX2 composite images from thre runs that all showed a need for -10. In reality, the true setting for the body and 50mm lens was zero and confirmed many times.

The slant range chart can work but you have to be careful to get the angles and testing distances exactly right.

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