D800s still defective, bad focusing points

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Re: D800s still defective, bad focusing points

1) If you have one with a defect, note serial number. Return unit ASAP
2) Nikon won't admit this. Ever.

3) Yes, there probably will be a bulletin, but probably disguised as error in plastic compound used in manufacturing of the AF sensor housing, bla bla bla
4) DON'T SEND YOUR CAMERA IN FOR SERVICE!!! No seriously, don't!

Mine has been in for service the last 7+ weeks, yes WEEKS.

First repair was 10 days, acceptable indeed. Conclusion from Service Center:"AF is spot on 100%"

Went home, did same test as before. Same problem. Returned for service again. Conclusion:"We can't fix it better than we did allready." "We can send it to another country for a 2nd oppinion repair".

So now my D800 has stranded in Stockholm, with the Status of:"Missing adjustment tools". It's been there for more than 5 weeks.

Nikon doesn't really gives a rats ass(sry for language), neither does my dealer, which is a Nikon Certified Pro Dealer(with NPS agreement) and all the fixings. I always buy there, since I'm NPS.

Nikon people with stars on shoulders, won't talk to people on the phone(at least not me), so the service personnel asked me to create a ticket on their homepage. That's 3 days ago, still no news.

So basically, I'm f*cked.

-Dealer would not replace camera, told me to get it serviced

-Service center claims a 100% accurate focus function using PDAF, can't replace camera without Nikon's consent. Furthermore, the can't repair it better that they allready did.
-Nikon referred me to my dealer, as they're the ones replacing the camera.

Notice anything funny above?

Of course I have hundreds of test images, documentation, etc. etc. But don't deny that there is an issue, just be happy if your D800/E doesn't have it.

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Best regards
Best regards

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