M9 Now or New M Later?

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Re: M9 Now or New M Later?

I was contemplating the same thing. Only difference is that I owned an M9, but it was robbed off me at gunpoint 2 weeks ago!
Now the insurance have paid out and I will get a M9 again after some thought.

I just found it to be the most perfect tool to bring you back to basics in Photography! Apart from the small size and absolute crazy glass from Leica.

I will in future get a M also, but I will wait a bit,- let the first ones go out, get tested, upgrade software and the prices to mabe come down a tad.

I will get it because of all the new features,- somethings I wanted on an M. For now and in future the M9 will be my first love.( that is after my beautiful wife)

Look at my blog and you will see there is nothing you cannot do with the M9. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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