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Re: Not so simple IMO, likely DX will be here for a long time

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Well, if we're talking about low light situations (Renato mentioned FX for that reason) then typically, I've already set my shutter speed as low as I'm willing to go (to put as much light on the sensor as possible). So that leaves raising the ISO. Which (in theory) negates the low light benefit of the larger sensor.

I don't understand what you are getting at here. If you're at the min SS, you'd be at the min SS on both cameras, requiring ISO to be raised equally on both, so there's no negation of the better noise performance of a larger sensor, assuming that there was an advantage to begin with.

Same SS on both. Aperture set for DOF on both. (85/1.4 set to f/2 on APS-C because I find f/1.4 too wide ... 105/2 set to f/2.8 on FF because that gives me the same DOF according to dofmaster.com ... but I haven't actually shot FF and probably never shot a faster-than-f/2.8 tele back in my film days).

That's normally what I would do. I'd much rather have too shallow DOF than too much noise or no image at all.

I'm wondering, if in real life, I were given the opportunity to shoot shallower DOF on FF versus bumping the ISO, knowing it will be no worse than what I had on APS-C, which compromise I'd choose.

That's only part of the FX/DX mess, though. It can get very complicated and it seems that most folks aren't interested in figuring it out. It's just so much easier just to say that FX is better and not listen to any dissenting opinion.

I can see pros & cons, but for me it's easier to stick to my guns and say even if it's better, I don't need better (at least not now). The $2100 price tag is good, because I think it makes it easier to rationalize a decision in either direction (if you've been wanting to go FF, it's "reasonable", and if you want to resist temptation, it's a big chunk of change).

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