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Re: OK I get it - you just like to insult people, sorry for you

Antoine wrote:

(1) the links you refer are in error. You should inform yourself

Right thinks that end anyone sane conversation

Michigan Technology University , Stanford University and Roger Cicala all very well respected experts in the field of photography don't know shxt.

But Antoine sorry I missed your credentials ?? knows the truth

(2) sensor size HAS a lot to do with anything: it means more light comes in for AF purposes

No it doesn't , AF sensor behavior depends on its sensitivity to light which is only not directly related to size.

The -3EV capability sensors in the new k5ii are likely the same size or smaller than the sensor in the current K5, so twice the light sensitivity and same size sorta blows you flat earth theory out the window.

Go insult someone else

I'm not insulting you , Your making incorrect statements as fact you have to expect to be called out for it.

You then follow it by insisting experts in the industry are wrong !! I'm sorry but your beginning to make a fool of yourself.

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