Street Photography with Sony 50mm F1.8 - Part I

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Re: Street Photography with Sony 50mm F1.8 - Part I

DuncanDovovan wrote:

Basically you can complain and always win.

Data privacy is HUGE in Europe and Germany even more.

Interesting. I just spent four days in Brussels taking photographs of everything that stayed still and seem to have got away with it. However, I tend to photograph scenery and buildings with people being incidental and from what I've read on other sites, that seems to be OK.

Google Streetview was stopped, because Google had to come up with ways for people to request removal of car signs, people and entire houses.

[google image snipped]

I'm not saying I think it is good - it is just the way it is.

Understood. In the UK the law is pretty much reversed - you're out in a public place, be prepared to be photographed. I think there are some clauses about model release for commercial work but apart from that, attempts to restrict the right to photograph tend to get rejected very firmly.

There are numerous books on the topic of photography and law in Germany.

The issue was created in 1907 (!) when a photographer pictured Bismarck on his death bed. Politics wanted to avoid publication and that is where a law was added to the "art copy right" law that gives people the right on their own image until 10 years after their death. They can transfer that right to the photographer or family.


The only exceptions are if the image servers a "higher art" goal.

But you are right of course, initially nothing will happen if you still do it. But if you publish, like here on DPReview, you could end up in a nasty court situation if somebody recognizes somebody...

But only if they are the subject of the photograph. This quote from here:

via here:

Is quite interesting:

"You are not allowed to publish images of people without their consent if the person is recognizable and the subject of the image.

If the subject is not the person but the person is only there by chance, you don't need a release even if the person is important for the image composition. So Frau Müller can object to being shown in a portrait of her looking at the Dom in Cologne but not in a shot of the Dom with her looking at the Dom."

This is of particular interest to me as I plan to visit Cologne next may and would hate to be concerned about what I can and cannot photograph.

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