XZ-2 24mm?????

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Re: XZ-2 24mm?????

DigiDan wrote:

On Olympus's site it says 24mm wide angle and so does Adaroma's site http://www.adorama.com/IOMXZ2.html?gclid=CIfUqcyG0rICFcHe4AodwAQAkQ

This is a quote from Olympus's site 24MM WIDE LENS

All the capabilities you need in one compact lens. The 4x optical zoom gets you close to the action while the 24mm Wide-Angle Lens lets you capture group shots and breathtaking panoramas.

This has got to be a mistake right?

No. I caught that too. I think they are talking about the 24mm as in "6-24mm lens". Perhaps a deceitful wording for unwary costumers.

IMO they should have rephrased that better as "...while the wide angle zoom 24mm lens lets..."
The wide angle is still 6mm (28mm equivalent).

It's the same as claiming an "F1.8 lens", when that is only true on the wide end of the zoom.

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