Question about GH2 and lenses

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Re: Question about GH2 and lenses

Not to steer you away from MFT's and I am a Panasonic GX-1 user and actually sold my DSLR gear about two years ago because I wanted a lighter and compact way to duplicate what I had with my DSLR stuff.

I do my best to look at the big picture. First, once you decide on a camera it will be very helpful to get a text book or something that explains the basics. Composition, the relationship of F-stop & shutter speeds, ISO or "film speed". You can have $2,000 of camera gear and still get bad pictures. The camera can be in auto exposure mode and you can still take an out of focus image. The great thing is it costs nothing to do unlike film where you do not see the results till much later. You go on vacation and hope you got good pictures when you shot film for the most part.

Now for pricing B&H photo is one of if not the largest photo supply store I would check their deals first because some of the gear mentioned like the GH-2 can still be had and even if its $100 more new it may be worth it, I think it is. You can also save and wait for the GH-3 the replacement.

Now to camera type for interchangeable lens. Micro Four Thirds and your DSLR. For the same $1,000 or so you could get a DSLR. Nikon & Canon are the big two and I can speak for Nikon better being a Nikon user for a long time. Both are good cameras once you decide you usually stick to the manufacture because you have invested money and it costs to switch since you never get back your initial investment with camera gear.

The best thing you can do even if you did not buy it is go in person and try a Nikon, Canon, Panasonic & Olympus. Micro Four Thirds cameras are small like large P&S camera small for the most part with out a lens attached. Pictures are very hard to tell via the internet.

At a point get the photography basics and it will help. I can look at a room or location, know what I want to shoot, visualize composition, choose a lens and know that available light is not great and if I do not have a fast lens, I'll need a tripod because I need a slower shutter speed to get the same result. Just an arbitrary example.

Last, until you know what your doing only shoot JPEG and buy Photoshop Elements as a basic editing program unless you intend to have someplace else print your pictures. Learning basic editing your self like cropping and adjusting levels and contrast gives even more knowledge since you know where you are taking the photo what you can do.

gmoniey wrote:

Thanks...I suppose what I was getting at is that my lack of knowledge of cameras and zooms in general was hindering my ability to fully understand the comments/reviews I've found.

I've been reading more and more about general concepts (i.e. focal length, aperature, iso), but I can't help but feel I'm still a long ways out from fully understanding things. I suppose that with more practice, things will fall into place (that, and maybe I should get a "dummies" book). It also doesn't help that I'm generally frustrated with my EP-2 & 14-42 lens...especially when it comes to focus.

I suppose the next step is trying to find the right lenses for me. I don't intend on doing anything crazy, just wanted a good camera and lenses for various types of family shots (indoor/outdoor, action/stationary, etc).

Based on what I've gathered, I should get the following types of lenses (in order)

1. wide angle
2. telephoto
3. prime

The next big question is which lenses I should go for...which I suppose is better suited for another thread (after I've done more research).

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