Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Wow! you are pretty quick in categorizing people...considering I barely have posted a couple of times here.

I never said that the 50 1.8G is junk nor have dismissed DxO, I simply reminded that Photozone themselves post a warning not to compare across systems.

Its interesting you accept their test results; but call it ridiculous when they say to compare within the same system.

Care to explain (in layman terms) why its a ridiculous statement? I'm not being sarcastic here....really would like to know why....

Great British Landscapes wrote:

lol. It is an utterly ridiculous statement. Resolution numbers don't lie and everything is comparable. I'm guessing you're one of these guys who says DxO is meaningless too . Look again at those charts - calling out the 50 1.8G as a piece of junk, cheap as it is, just doesn't fly.

ugotvijay wrote:

Photozone makes it very clear that the test results cannot be compared across systems......

Great British Landscapes wrote:

lol. You know that's a joke. Take your fanboy hat off. In terms of sharpness and resolution Nikon's dirt cheap 50mm 1.8G waltzes past Canon much more expensive 1.4 at every single aperture. We'd best not talk about the massive light falloff on the Canon lens either... You got rid of the wrong lens

Nikon's bargain basement available for only £149 in the UK:

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