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Re: Lightroom 4 issues MEMORY LEAK

PeterZed wrote:

David Rosser wrote:

When you say it is using all your memory is this in use and modified memory? Windows will make guesses on what you might want to do next and put things in standby memory but this is discarded if you run short of In Use and Modified memory.

Hi David,

It's actual memory used by the lightroom.exe process, as evidenced in Task Manager.
Actual screenshot from my PC:

Lightroom will continue to use up memory until the PC becomes unusable or slows down to a halt. When all available memory is used up, Windows start using the HDD swap file for surrogate memory, and this is when things slow down to a halt and you're forced to close LR and start again.

Above screenshot is from a discussion thread where I included my findings, along with many other people, about the memory problem:

I was going to suggest the Adobe forums but I see you are already there. You could also try It seems geo-tagging is one of the probable causes of memory leakage - I will see if that causes a problem on my machine later today.

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