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Hi Joachim,

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

I have just updated my blog with my travel light experience. For the first time I left my DSLR at home relied on my X100 and NEX 5. I'm considering to sell my DSLR but I would like to hear about your experiences. Have you already spent a vacation where you brought "only" your X100 or X Pro-1? Do you also think about selling your DSLR?

I've done a few trips with only a Panasonic LX-3. It's very possible. I sold my DSLR a long time ago, but then I never got used to the concept of a DSLR anyway (coming from simple mechanical film SLRs to big clunky plasticky computers was a shock -- the Olympus E-P1 was much easier even on me without a viewfinder).

I would consider the X-Pro1 to be in the category of DSLRs if you see the size of it. I'm lusting for an X-E1 with a few primes and an additional tiny camera to carry everywhere. There's no need for a DSLR these days, except for a few very niche types of photography.


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