Nikon 16-35, Polarazer and ND Grad filter

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Re: Nikon 16-35, Polarazer and ND Grad filter

I need your help. Tried to use Nikon Polarizer (old model) on 16-35mm lens and have vigneting at 16mm. Could not use ND Grad at all because thread outside on Polarizer is not 77mm.
Using 77mm ring and Kokin filter holder without Polarizer also gives vigneting.

So the question is: Which polarizer, ND grad, and filter holder should I buy to avoid vigneting.

Thanks a lot

Cokin has a wide angle filter holder but I'm not sure it won't vignette at 16mm.

I haven't used a polarizer filter on a super wide angle lens, but due to the nature of polarizer filters the effect will only show partially on a photograph and you will get uneven polarization.

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