First time buyers, is A65 for us?

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Re: I am also a first time buyer and I chose the A65

Hi ShawnG,

I just read your thread and I have to say that you are in a difficult position. First my suggestion: get two cameras! You are almost there (you have convinced your wife that you need a better tool for photography/video). Now you have to point out that you both have different needs when talking about a camera. I know you dismissed this possibility, but that's my opinion...

Now to answer your question: I have the RX100, but I also own a dslr. RX100 is very good camera and is good enough for 90% of the occasions, but sadly will never replace my SLR. The huge selling point and why I bought the RX100 is high quality in compact body, i.e. pocketable! Sadly I haven't had a chance to use it for sports, but you will have to understand that it does not have the reach (limited to 100mm as someone already mentioned). Focus so far has been snappy and accurate for stills, and I have actually done a video from a moving car and a boat. Which reminds me that the focus changes during video and it seems very slow, but looking at the video later, I did not notice any problem.

Hope this helps,

ShawnG wrote:

Quick question, would the RX100 do everything we need?

I realize it's not an SLR/SLT so I wont be learning and using a lot of features but will it do great stills and video with decent zoom?

Does it auto focus ok for video like the A65 would?

Is the AF fast and can shoot quick action shots?

I haven't had the chance to read a lot but I saw one post about someone who replaced his A55 with the RX100, he also uses the A65 for more pro shots.

I'm going to read some reviews tonight but getting feedback from actual RX100 users would be great.

I realize I should probably post this on the other Sony forum I suppose?


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