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Re: High ISO, low light, and DR

antoineb wrote:

If we now turn the tables: I find that my superzooms typically have better AF precision, which occasionally shows in portraits or macro, and shows the most routinely in landscapes where my D7k will routinely do a poor job (and I have done AD fine tune). Sure I can use my D7k in live view but it's screen is nasty in strong light so imagine yourself in a situation that doesn't allow for tripod, where you are not perfectly stable, attempting to view something on the screen and waiting a couple seconds to obtain focus (and sometimes not obtaining focus!) when a super zoom will have things perfectly in focus and with an AF time of 0.2s or less).

This i have to agree with. macro on my fz150 + cannon 500d blows my slr away for focusing . not in my wildest dream have i ever taken a sharp handheld macro without a flash with my k7 you just cant get dof and as fast a shutter speed with a slr you have to stop down to f16 f22 up goes the noise down goes the shutter to unusable speeds with out a tripod. full lenght portraits for image quality for my work goes to the fz150 just sold 2 4ft posters with it. the pics a razer sharp and found sharpening the k7 pics added bad artifacts to the girls i was quite supprised.

cheers don

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