Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Taking pics with no lens?

I find that cameras typically need a lens to take pics. So it's not a reasonable comparison. Now let's add a lens - the Pany 12-35 2.8 to the OMD and GH3, and Canon 24-70 2.8 to the 6D:,381.336,380.286,wa,t

And the weight...

OMD - 705 grams total
GH3 - 855 grams total
6D - 1575 grams total

For ultralight, the OMD looks to be the best choice. For hybrid still/video use, the GH3 looks much better, albeit with a modest weight penalty. But the Canon...

Wow, that thing looks like a monster! Huge and heavy. Lacks necessary features for video (GH3 wins for that) and has a massive weight penalty for stills (GH3 is good and OMD is great for that). The 6D is a nice camera, but I'd hate to lug that thing around all day.


p.s. Be careful when using specs and tools like to support your point. Other people have access to the same specs to make the exact opposite argument. And for folks like me who HAVE lugged around large cameras like that, size and weight are a major turnoff.

Mazin Sami wrote:

Ironically the size between the two formats is becoming trivial.,380,wa,f

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