Question about GH2 and lenses

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Re: Question about GH2 and lenses

gmoniey wrote:

Thanks...I suppose what I was getting at is that my lack of knowledge of cameras and zooms in general was hindering my ability to fully understand the comments/reviews I've found.

I've been reading more and more about general concepts (i.e. focal length, aperature, iso), but I can't help but feel I'm still a long ways out from fully understanding things. I suppose that with more practice, things will fall into place (that, and maybe I should get a "dummies" book). It also doesn't help that I'm generally frustrated with my EP-2 & 14-42 lens...especially when it comes to focus.

I suppose the next step is trying to find the right lenses for me. I don't intend on doing anything crazy, just wanted a good camera and lenses for various types of family shots (indoor/outdoor, action/stationary, etc).

Based on what I've gathered, I should get the following types of lenses (in order)

1. wide angle
2. telephoto
3. prime

The next big question is which lenses I should go for...which I suppose is better suited for another thread (after I've done more research).

Let people know what kind of subject-matter you have (or will) want to photograph, at what distance from the camera will that subject-matter be, in what kind of light (i.e., indoors, outdoors in low light, outdoors in bright light, etc.). Do you want to primarily record images with deep (or shallow) Depth of Field ? What are your priorities for fine-detail resolution within the focused area ?

You could spend a fortune on prime lenses - but having some zooms can cover a lot more in the way of possible situations (as one cannot always "zoom with their feet"). The downside of zooms can be that they have higher minimum F-Number than primes (meaning slower Shutter Speeds, and/or higher ISO Gains may be necessary). "Faster" zoom lenses are going to be more expensive.

What are your priorities for physical size/weight (this can vary somewhat depending on cam body)?

This thread would be fine to explore such things. The more you define, the more people can assist

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