EPL-5 will be great back up camera...

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Guy Parsons
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Re: EPL-5 will be great back up camera... or a main camera....

Joes Raw Talk wrote:

I haven't been following along here but I will be. I am interested in reading other m43 fans take on the EPL-5.

In my case if I were to buy the E-PL5 it would be my main camera and my two E-PL1 would be the backups. I never considered the E-M5 because I rarely need or use a viewfinder, despite the fact I do have the VF-2 for those odd times when it is really needed.

The E-PL5 is very interesting because of the new sensor, quite interesting because of the swivel screen, somewhat interesting because of some little changes and doo-dads added, definitely less interesting because of the lack of a pop-up flash. I will have to think about it some more.

Maybe while I'm thinking the E-P5 might surface and then I might be more interested if has a pop-up flash (which I seem to use quite often at random times either as an emergency flash or to trigger slaves).

Regards..... Guy ..... tinyurl.com/m43stuff

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