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Re: FZ200 - Live View in Manual Mode?

kenn threed wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

kenn threed wrote:

Could anyone here tell me if the FZ200 (and/or the FZ150) displays "live view" exposures in the EVF, when shooting in Manual Mode?

Not quite sure, but think that you'll have to half-press the shutter in order to get "exposure simulation" (WYSIWYG) and a correct live histogram when shooting in Manual mode with a Panasonic 'superzoom'. Guess that you are interested in the FZ200 as a low light camera? It has app. 2 stops advantage wide open at 600mm (equivalent), when compared to the SX50, but a 1200mm equivalent lens is of course a nice thing in good light. It can be difficult to choose.

Hmmm... Ok thanks Steen.

Perhaps not many SZ shooters use Manual mode, but we find the ability to manually control and see our exposures before releasing the shutter to be a major feature in our Canons.

That's how I shoot too, with my Canon superzooms. Always in Manual mode, and I never use any of the camera's metering modes, but rely entirely on the exposure simulation and the live histogram in the EVF. That makes it very easy and fast to 'nail' the correct exposure, and I find it a bit surprising that not all cameras work like that when shooting in Manual mode. For me it won't be a 'deal-breaker' if it's necessary to half-press the shutter to 'see' the exposure (my subjects usually aren't moving), but for birding it probably won't be ideal.

Our Fuji S100fs does not provide this functionality. Nor does the Nikon P510 which I handled briefly in a store today.

The FZ200 is a candidate for us now yes... and I'll likely have more questions for the early adopters here before we decide. So, even if you don't use Manual mode yourself... maybe one of you with the FZ200 could just dial up an exposure in Manual and see if the EVF reacts to either shutter speed or aperture adjustments in realtime? Sadly, we've been unable to find any camera store that has them available for demo and I'd sure appreciate knowing how the Panasonic behaves.

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