Dicapac for GH2 + 7-14 F4

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Re: Dicapac for GH2 + 7-14 F4

I got my dicapack WP-H10 yesterday.

1. The lens tube is to tight for the vario-x 14-45, because of the zoom and focus buttons. I am afraid to push it all the way in (it might change the shape of the tube and compromise the sealing of the optical window). This way however, the lens is about 2 cm behind the window, which might be problematic (vignetting, edge sharpness, etc).

2. The bag seals well, I've been keeping it in the bath tub since yesterday night and no leakage so far. Deeper it shouldn't be an issue either, because the air inside is compressed therefore the pressure difference remains low.

3. Acessing the controls is difficult and keeping the window paralel to the lens is also difficult.

4. The setup is very bouyant, needs 1-2kg weights to be kept underwater. Without weights it can be tricky to take pics while snorkeling.

5. It will be fine for me to try uw photography, but when my photo-gear finalizes (keeping or replacing the GX1) I'll invest in a real underwater housing.

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