Michael Reichmann's review of the DP1M is up...

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Re: Michael Reichmann's review of the DP1M is up...

Exactly right. The name you're looking for is "Linear DNG". The Adobe DNG Converter software can handle pre-Merrill X3F files and write such things, but most software - e.g. OS X and all related programs that use the OS file support - won't touch them. They expect to have Bayer pattern style raw files and apply demosaic algorithms.

Using DNG is only interesting if you're shooting raw to start with. But then, these days, there are other concerns anyway - e.g. the in-camera lens distortion (accounting for zoom) and chromatic aberration auto-correction done inside the Sony RX100 for JPEGs, which no raw converter I know of presently offers to at least attempt for you, leaving it a tedious manual task; or SPP's extraordinary set of complicated interplay of white balance, colour mode, noise reduction and so-on.

I doubt any third party would put in as much attention to algorithm detail or include subtle things like SPP 5.3.2's slight de-banding.

As for SPP being slow - it's dealing with a lot of data. Of the few packages I've found that'll read Sony RX100 "ARW" raw files - hardly any do, by the way - all are universally slower than SPP, despite the fact that SPP is dealing with much larger images. That said, I'd love it if SPP's algorithms were made more efficient - who wouldn't

Meanwhile, on battery life, I get around 100-140 shots per battery consistently - turn LCD brightness to minimum and disable auto-review of the taken photo completely; don't review photos in camera and shoot in raw mode only - all raw files include an embedded JPEG anyway, so Raw+JPEG is basically pointless unless you're thinking of plugging an SD card into an iPad for larger screen previews in the field. This is the SD card in use, in case it makes a difference:


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