Question about GH2 and lenses

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Re: Question about GH2 and lenses

Thanks...I suppose what I was getting at is that my lack of knowledge of cameras and zooms in general was hindering my ability to fully understand the comments/reviews I've found.

I've been reading more and more about general concepts (i.e. focal length, aperature, iso), but I can't help but feel I'm still a long ways out from fully understanding things. I suppose that with more practice, things will fall into place (that, and maybe I should get a "dummies" book). It also doesn't help that I'm generally frustrated with my EP-2 & 14-42 lens...especially when it comes to focus.

I suppose the next step is trying to find the right lenses for me. I don't intend on doing anything crazy, just wanted a good camera and lenses for various types of family shots (indoor/outdoor, action/stationary, etc).

Based on what I've gathered, I should get the following types of lenses (in order)

1. wide angle
2. telephoto
3. prime

The next big question is which lenses I should go for...which I suppose is better suited for another thread (after I've done more research).

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