Anyone else pre-order EOS-M ?

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Re: Anyone else pre-order EOS-M ?

I wouldn't put a lot of weight on interviews. Reps are pressed to give some kind of response, and it's always safer to say "no" than to backpedal on a "yes" you said earlier.

Rehabdoc wrote:

interesting comments.

I understand why no lens road map. I'm not sure why they announce no plans for EVF model for this camera... are they really trying hard not to make this camera "too good" too soon, and cut into DSLR sales?

Or do they just want to move more EOS-M units, and discourage people from waiting for an EVF model?

Richard Shepherd, senior product specialist for Consumer EOS at Canon Europe, said: ‘Customers are used to using smartphones and compacts. We are not seeing a requirement for EVFs in that area.'

Asked why Canon has not published a roadmap to give EOS M consumers confidence that future lenses will become available to develop their system, Shepherd replied that Canon's extensive lens history suggests the company will bring out further lenses.

But, he explained that the type of lenses launched will be determined by consumer demand.

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