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... except ...

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

The law of physics can not be rejected or ignored: larger sensors will be always better than smaller sensors. They can kill me but I will never buy the idea of a P&S being better tahn a DSLR, specially a Pentax one. A P&S can be lighter, a little less bulby but is just a plain P&S.

Other things being equal, Image Quality from a DSLR will always be better than from a superzoom, except ...
... in the real worls things aren't always equal.

A superzoom can give a very long reach - 1000mm equivalent - hand held in good-to-moderate ligh, in a package that's easy to get to the scene you want. A DSLR with that reach is big, very expensive and awkward to carry. It really needs a tripod too, adding to all three drawbacks. It will, of course, get a shot in light that's too dark for the superzoom.

No DSLR can offer the FL range of a superzoom without changing lenses. For many the trade between speed and convenience on the one hand and top IQ on the other is worth making.

In other words, taken altogether as a photographic tool the superzoom can be better for some users, just as a DSLR is a better tool for some and MF is better for yet others. Reading the OP's first and subsequent posts I believe that for him the DSLR is the best choice but that isn't necessarily true for everyone.

I have some conspiracy theories: people post here as salesmen pushing some products they get commission on. Other people may be jealous you will be buying one of the best tools available (k-30) as at the same time thy are stuck with a simple P&S. Other people are just arrogant fanboys.

This may be true but I see no evidence of it in this threrad. Two contributors here have suggested the superzoom option; both also own and use DSLRs, which rather defeats your idea of jealousy ...

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