CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Hotpixel remapping: My results

No wonder then,

"Read" reads the pixels that have been mapped prevoiusly, it doesn't search for new hot pixels. Since you don't have any hot pixels mapped they all are visible on your shots. Only "Remap" will search for hotpixels and include them into the map.


jaime wrote:
Just read, I didn't press remap because it didn't find any hotpixel

AlexMld wrote:
Did you press Remap?
Or just Read?

jaime wrote:

I used the cpixmap app on my 4500 and it found no hotpixels, but
my 4500 has some hotpixels at 1/2 sec and above, I first used
deadpixeltest.exe and here are my results:

Do you think the cpixmap app doesn't work with the 4500??

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