Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

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Re: Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

Good points from you ppl, but... but...

"we" (amateur) photographers are just a "tip-of-the-iceberg"
and the largest part (that we dont see but product/sales representatives does..)

is under the surface, or in front of sales persons in a shop who are getting/ making:

-buch of money
-make customer happy with LOTS of pixels
-make customer happy with LOTS of zoom

that is the world today, and that will be the world tomorrow,
and im afraight, even many days after tomorrow.

But, luckily for us (amateur) photographers,
there is panasonic who IS leading the way again in a vision.

They did "it" with the first super-zooms traveler series years ago,
but are NOT going to sacrifice IQ for more zoom than realy "needed"
other manufacturers follwed..

They did "it" with reducing PIX count (from14MP) to 12 MP to start with

others followed with 12MP sensors (look at the brand new CanonSX50.... 12MP)

Now, they start with fast lenses, and showing NO interest in increasing 600mm at this stage.
I think its just a matter of time before:
other manufacturers follwed..

the "mass" wil learn from us (amateur) photographers, but it will be slowly

and the product/sales representatives will keep monitoring the complete "buying" ice-berg

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