Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

no DSLR will avoid that problem, if it is a problem. because as far as I know, even the mighty 1Dx's as system does not offer F2.8 cross type on the outer range. so why asking a lowly D600 to provide a solution?

There are 2 rows in the 5d mark III that are not centered and are cross type. People with 5d mark III don't need to focus&recompose. I know nothing of the Nikon world.

When I said "Nikon's system looks more expensive", I really meant "Nikon's autofocus system looks better"

then the rest of the phrase:

"but I don't see it so appealing to me (at least for the type of photography I do???)"

Meaning that when I looked at the specs I thought I was going to switch; but now I don't see the reason (again, for the type of picts I take)

Sorry for the confusion...

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