How long will any sensor last??

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Re: How long will any sensor last??

Zvonko wrote:

any camera may be used by a pro to get the image

shutter clicks is one aspect of limmitation

what about the sensor??

Probably "practically indefinite".

There's probably some degradation of dyes used in the RGBG bayer array, that might be accelerated by light exposure in movie or LV mode, but lenses are reasonably opaque to UV, there's a filter stack including UV over the sensor (unless you have a Leica M8)

The odd dead or hot pixel may appear, but they can be ignored, fixed in software if you feel the urge, or "mapped out" in camera (a service job except for Pentax IIRC)

Camera bodies (including "pro" bodies) are "consumables" - 21st century film. They become doorstops long before they sensor dies, unless there's a fault. Or if you don't feel the urge to have the latest/greatest, keep using it.

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