How much do you charge for a Wedding?

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I like the tone of those suggestions

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

No problem...

YOu send them a one or two line email ending with CALL ME BEOTCH! Or well, leave off the last part if you want.

Pique thier curiosity..

I've done wedding from $400 to $4500, with 5 people in attendance total to over 400, from 2 hours to 12 hours, one location and up to 5 locations.

Price depends on those factors as well as one photographer or two, engagement session, proofing options, web gallery, disk with printing rights, album - type, size, number of images, etc.

This can all be very overwhelming and a price list really won't be helpful in assuring you that you get what you want and don't buy things you don't need.

Give me a call at your convenience and we can talk about your wedding day and what I have to offer you.

If pressed then press back...

Tell me exactly what you want and I'll be glad to quote you a price.

this works over the phone when all else fails, delivered properly is key- "well, us price the most important thing to you, or is it what you get for your money? I can have my 12 year old son shoot your wedding for $100, but I'm not so sure you'll like the pictures a whole lot."

They either get it (and laugh) or don't and go away. Either is fine with me.
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