CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Hotpixel remapping: My results

Ed, the hotpixels in my 4500 are visible in every shot above 1/2 secs, I want to remap because I don't like the NR function, I think it takes too long to finish the process.

Ed Rotberg wrote:
That's hard to say Jaime. You used a threshold of 60 luminence for
hot pixels. Who's to say what the Nikon internal remapping
software uses as a threshold.

Personally I have tried not to obsess about hot pixels too much.
First, they are mostly only visible for long exposures. Secondly
the NR function does work well in those cases. Third, if I can't
see them in my normal pixtures, I'm not going to compain about it.

I did the remapping on my images because of the occasoinal long
exposures that I do and the fact that there were 6 hot areas VERY
visible when I had NR turned off. But to be honest, I usually just
turn on NR for those cases. The nice thing about doing the remap
is that I can get away with forgetting to turn NR on, which
occaisonally happens, and I did not have to give up my camera to
get it done.

I would suggest just taking a 4 second shot with your lens cap on
and NR off, and then looking at it at 100% magnification on your
monitor. If you don't see any hot pixels jump out at you - don't
sweat it!

= Ed =

jaime wrote:

I used the cpixmap app on my 4500 and it found no hotpixels, but
my 4500 has some hotpixels at 1/2 sec and above, I first used
deadpixeltest.exe and here are my results:

Do you think the cpixmap app doesn't work with the 4500??

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