HX20V goes Thailand Part 2 Koh Phangan

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Re: HX20V goes Thailand Part 2 Koh Phangan

Ah that explains it.

I didn't like the clouds or the line delineating the mountains on the first picture, so I assume HDR from a moving boat was too much for the camera to handle... The second picture is also strange, I am used to panos taken with NEX or RX100 but something is not right here. Is this in-camera HDR?

I just recommended to buy the HX20V to a friend so I was worried for a second.

Thanks for the great images otherwise.

AndreasGumprecht wrote:

Dear all, thanks a lot for your very kind posts. Yes Craig, you´re right: Some of the images are HDRs. Hope the HDR effect is not too strong processed.


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