Still no DX wide angle prime from Nikon... this is just getting silly

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Re: Still no DX "portrait" prime, either...

Definition: A DX "portrait" prime would be 55 to 70 mm (actual) FL, at f 1.8 to 1.2, with attention paid to bokeh. AF-S would be nice, and VR would be nicer yet.

Back before zooms, it was common knowledge that you really only needed two primes to cover most general photography: 28mm and 85mm. In fact, that is why the 28-85 zooms were a big deal, when they became practical. But here we are, 12 years into the DX format, and we don't have modern DX equivalents for either one. Neither do we have any announced plans to introduce either one.

I just demo'ed a D600 today, and it was SO lovely seeing my FX/FF Nikkors brought back to life--including the 85 and the 28, of course.

Farewell DX, it's been nice knowing you. But 12 years is long enough to wait; and it looks like affordable FX got here first.


Retzius wrote:

With another Photokina I am truely speechless that Nikon has still failed to release a simple DX wide angle prime.

This has been one of the most requested lenses for YEARS. Additionally, from a design point of view, this is NOT that difficult to design with the current CAD systems. A 16mm f2.8 DX would not be difficult design or manufacture.

It must be either lack of desire or lack of enthusiasm on Nikons part for DX. I look at how companies like Olympus and Panasonic are able to pump out VERY nice lenses at a steady rate to fill out a complete system and it makes Nikon look silly.

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