EX2F ISO performance review at IR

Started Sep 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
swhs Regular Member • Posts: 113
Re: EX2F ISO performance review at IR

Just a clarification:

These are the things the RX100 is good at. I'm curious to check out the EX2F but I think I would go for the RX100 (when I'm ready to buy a new camera). Especially if the fold out screen of the EX2F can not be set at exactly at 90/180 degrees as with the EX1.

I mean at 180 degrees, when you rotate the screen 90 degrees to have the display upward (when you put the camera very low to make a shot) the screen is not parrallel with the camera. This is annoying to line up the camera with an object via the screen as your movement must be slightly different than what you expect from the screen.

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