Photos from Taiwan trip. Warning: 30 photos!!!

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Photos from Taiwan trip. Warning: 30 photos!!!

I have just returned from a trip to Taiwan. What an amazing country and nice people! I was a tourist and not a photographer ans I still took so many pictures! Sorry for spaming with so many photos! All photos are taken with E-M5, Pana 25mm, Oly 45mm and Pana 7-14. Some light processing in LR. C&C is very welcome!

Sun Moon Lake Sunrise

Living on the lake:

High mountain tea plantation:

Gorgeus Taroko Park:

I loved Wild Daylily fields:

Banana Dealer

The guy with a megaphone was getting ready for his sunrise speech at Alishan:

The Alishan sunrise is amazing!

And a lot of people come by train to enjoy it and to take pictures:

A beautiful train station in Alishan area early morning:

The morning forest is unbelievable:

Alishan is famous with its truly outstanding high mountain Oolong Tea:

And Gong Fu is a traditional steeping method:

I was really excited to see bamboo forest:

This very nice gentleman farms and sells Alishan coffee:

He sundries it before roasting:

Shilin Night Market

Other numerous morning and evening market places:

Bored salesman:

Some random place with interesting shoe collection:

The tide is very high in Tamsui (Taipei’s district) but people have tricks to keep fishing in the high tide:

Some more random pictures:

I hope you enjoyed! You can also see the entire gallery here:

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