EX2F ISO performance review at IR

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Re: EX2F ISO performance review at IR

brianj wrote:

swhs wrote:

The RX100 remains the one to beat, despite a small aperture when zooming. It just made all camera introduction since its introduction almost irrelevant (unless you need an articulated screen for example). But of course, just not introducing the EX2F, LX7, XF1, XZ-2 etc. and going back to the drawing board would probably not make sense for manufacturers as it will take about a year and a half or more to make a new design. I wonder what the sales of any of the newly introduced 1/1.7 cameras will be compared to the RX100, but also what the other manufacturers are doing now... It would be interesting to be able to see the discussions on competitors' products and on what all these other manufacturers will do next.

Yesterday I dropped into the local camera shop to have a look at the RX100, and noted that it was $AU900 !! Then continued along the display case and saw a samsung for $AU250, and it started me thinking. I said to my wife that the average person seeing this would not understand why they would pay an additional $AU650 for a camera that looked almost the same as another. It dawned on me that apart from enthusiasts most people wouldn't pay such a big price when they can use their phone camera. So my curent thinking is that the RX100 may not actually sell in huge numbers. Even for those that know what a larger sensor is all about, if you don't often need to use high ISO (like me), then why buy more camera than you need.

So I don't know if there is anything for the other manufacturers to chase, and if they do then the price needs to drop to under $AU250 for a large sensor model, and that doesn't look likely in the short term.

I don't think this comparison is fair, if you look at the EX2F, LX7, XZ-2, well, they are not much cheaper than the RX100. The Samsung cameras drop in price more than others because many people don't take them seriously. This is good for those who want those cameras I suppose But try to buy a EX2F for $AU250... I do think that the LX7 and EX2F are not much better than the EX1 so in some sense I can understand your point. See e.g. the comparison tool on this site:


I have an EX1 that I use all the time, but I would like better high ISO performance so that I get good pictures without flash, e.g. indoors in the evenings, and I want faster focussing/less delay to get a picture after pressing the shutter button so I can take pictures of stuff I want to take that's moving, and not have it gone from view by the time the camera is ready...

These are the things the RX100 is good at. I'm curious to check out the EX2F but I think I would go for the RX100 (when I'm ready to buy a new camera). Especially if the fold out screen of the EX2F can not be set at exactly at 90/180 degrees as with the EX1.

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