Sony a57 with 18-55mm kit lens or a37 with 18-135 kit lens

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Re: Sony a57 with 18-55mm kit lens or a37 with 18-135 kit lens

kona_moon wrote:

Nobody mentioned the ergonomics of the two cameras, they are very different and that would make a big difference to me. A few years ago when a55 came out, I liked the specs and thought I want one. Then I went into a store, held an a55, and decided it was too small for me. So I decided not to buy one. When a57 came out, I did the same and this time it was much better.

You may not care about ergonomics, but until you hold them in your hand you will never know. Go hold them both, and see if it matters.

BTW, the kit 18-55 is actually pretty decent.

I agree with the above comment on ergonomics. In fact, you are being advised to get the 57 rather than the 37 because it is larger; yet Eriks1531 suggested the smaller 37 could be seen as an advantage. This is a very personal matter.

Before you buy, handle each camera extensively, and not just for 30 seconds. Hold it up, focus/zoom, click, lower the camera and hold it in one hand, then bring it up to shooting position again and see where your hand is. Hold the camera in your right hand while you operate buttons with your left hand. And operate buttons with your right thumb while you access the function menu and change settings, review a few photos, zoom in and out in review mode. Don't forget to try the AEL hold button while you change framing and zooming and shooting. This sounds very basic, but it is important.

I never thought of myself as having large hands, but I find even the A57 a bit small in the hand. I have no trouble operating it when going for the shot, but after I lower the camera and just hold it I find my hand slips upward a bit. The next time I bring the camera up to eye level I notice that my thumb has hit the Clear Image Zoom button. Luckily this is just a toggle button, so nothing actually happens unless you operate some other control to change the zoom from 1.0 to another value; and it toggles off as soon as you half-press the shutter button. But I can only imagine how little space I would have for photos on a memory card had this button been the Movie button!!! At least Sony chose the right button to put in this vulnerable spot.

I also agree with Setter Dog when he asked if you will be happy with Choice #2. In fact, I bought the A57 with 18-55 kit lens and 55-200 lens, and returned the latter for the 18-250 because I really don't like being caught with the wrong lens on the camera at a critical time (my 18-55 is now redundant, but I could not return both lenses in the deal). I would rather have a great photo as opposed to no photo because I did not have the right lens on that could give me a superb photo. In anything I have purchased, be it cameras or tools, I always followed my gut feeling, even if it cost a bit more, and I never regretted the extra investment.

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