D700 or D600......Please help / advise

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Re: D700 or D600......Please help / advise

Wich one is better for you is heavily dependent on how and what you shoot.

If you use LR, you can quickly see how you actually shoot.

See for instance if you shoot mostly at low or high ISO. If shooting mostly at low ISO is your thing, then that's a point in favour of the D600.

On the other hand, if your are planing on going "strobist" then the D700 could be your thing.

Will the reduced number of AF points and the (apparently) inferior AF system will be an issue for you?

Really, going over the stats from LR can be quite helpful in helping you decide.

I've got the D700 and it wouldn't be a (financial) problem for me to replace it for the D600. But the AF system, and some limits on the flash side are holding me back. The lure for me is ISO 100 and the phenomena DR that the D600 seems to have.

Go over your stats first to see what you actually do. Then, compare the cameras side by side under the light of what you actually need.

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