Unique Photo purchasers, a word of caution…(long)

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Re: I just couldn’t resist….


You have one of the strangest outlooks on life and sense of self righteousness I've ever seen.

Please consider having fun in other ways next time, or perhaps you are simply attempting to save face.

Either way, over and out.


Ken53 wrote:

Bob you took the bait

Every once and a while it is fun to expose the “Forum Lynch Mob” for a lack of a better term. They are members that continually scan forums for weak posts that can be harvested to fuel their ego. All forums have them. They can be hard on the new members to the point of chasing them away permanently. A thread like this is irresistible bait they can’t refuse.

You should have picked up on some clues in a couple of my replies.

Big thanks to those who didn’t take the bait, and responded in a sincere constructive manner. They showed real class. Bronxbomber and Peter A.S. are two that come to mind, great guys. I apologize to the ones I missed, but they know who they are.

I haven’t the slightest idea who the OP is, but I do believe the OP did not have dishonest or devious intentions and is an all around good person. I’m guessing only by looking at his impressive history of posts.

I do believe Unique Photo “overall”, is a fair business, but really never heard of them until this thread. We all make mistakes in our personal life and in business. How we react to our mistakes shows who we really are.

Thanks for Reading
Best wishes Bob


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