EX2F ISO performance review at IR

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Re: EX2F ISO performance review at IR

brianj wrote:

logbi77 wrote:

At least that clears things up on my part. Yeah, maybe it's the jpeg engine, although samples from ISO 80-400 looks fine to me.

The problem can be seen most easily at ISO3200 where it looks like the noise has interference in it like what woold have been called herringbone in old analogue TV days, usually caused by a high frequency from some other part of the circuit modulating the real signal. This is a real pity as they seem to have greatly reduced the blotchy chroma noise that ruins the high ISO of the EX1.

The S100 has the most clean fine noise of any camera I have examined and I was very close to buying one until I found out that many lens assemblies were failing multiple times with the infamous canon lens error. It will be interesting to see the S110 result.

Comparing to the LX7 is interesting, not so much different except for an aliasing issue that I saw for example in the ISO1600 samples, perhaps that's what you mean. You can see this in the letters, e.g. of 'PROPORTIONAL SCALE' and the tips of the crayons. It's almost as if the picture was upscaled/downscaled in size with a simple (bad) algorithm...

The RX100 remains the one to beat, despite a small aperture when zooming. It just made all camera introduction since its introduction almost irrelevant (unless you need an articulated screen for example). But of course, just not introducing the EX2F, LX7, XF1, XZ-2 etc. and going back to the drawing board would probably not make sense for manufacturers as it will take about a year and a half or more to make a new design. I wonder what the sales of any of the newly introduced 1/1.7 cameras will be compared to the RX100, but also what the other manufacturers are doing now... It would be interesting to be able to see the discussions on competitors' products and on what all these other manufacturers will do next.

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