Preorder XE1 kit or body only?

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Preorder XE1 kit or body only?

pghrugger wrote:

I've seen a lot of posts about XE1 preorders and I'm wondering, are people preordering the kit or the body only? I can't decide what to do. If I get the body only ill probably get then 35mm lens and then the 23mm when it comes out. But my other thought is to get the kit and then the 23mm and maybe the 32mm Zeiss when it comes out. Thoughts?

The kit zoom with its bundled discount is a bargain, and you'll almost certainly be able to recoup its price if you decide you don't want it, and just use primes instead. So to me it's a no-brainer, especially if you have no other lenses in the meantime.

Choice of primes is a very individual matter. Frankly the 23mm and 14mm (or the Zeiss 12mm) hold the most interest, followed by a longer lens for portraits (maybe the 60mm, maybe a manual focus SLR lens with an adapter). The 32mm and 35mm hold no real interest for me, personally.

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