seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Just go out and order the damn thing! If you ask 100 people here probably you will get 400 recommendations.... even myself I ended up recommending the k-30+18-135mm WR but when you mentioned the budget then I recommended a yellow K-01.

But listen carefully to this: as much as some point&shoot cams may look nice at the beginning you will get stuck withjust a simple P&S, even if they have those ultrazooms.

The law of physics can not be rejected or ignored: larger sensors will be always better than smaller sensors. They can kill me but I will never buy the idea of a P&S being better tahn a DSLR, specially a Pentax one. A P&S can be lighter, a little less bulby but is just a plain P&S.

I have some conspiracy theories: people post here as salesmen pushing some products they get commission on. Other people may be jealous you will be buying one of the best tools available (k-30) as at the same time thy are stuck with a simple P&S. Other people are just arrogant fanboys.

My recommendation is get the flexibility that goes with a DSLR, even if you consider other brands (Nikon D7000 is also an excellent camera). Also from my expeience, it happens that I have used Nikon, Canon, Olympus and for APS-C sensors, nobody can beat Pentax at the moment. Plus you have more than 20,000,000 K-mount lenses to choose from

As for me, I am just warming my wife to the idea that I am going to treat myself with a FF Nikon D600 for Xmas. I will match the Nikon with the 24-70mm and maybe a couple of Samyang/Rikenon lenses

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