How will the D600 or D800 transform your photography?

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Re: Two ways I can think of...

eNo wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

eNo wrote:

  1. Landscape photography, where the added MP and DR will be nice for extra sharpness and shadow detail, though for full DOF, I still prefer the extra stop DX gives me.

Do you really think cropping a D800 file to DX format and stopping it down one stop less moves the image quality bar up?

Puzzled by your question... when I said DX I meant camera, not mode, and I already have a fine DX camera for landscapes, the D7000.

Your claim can be directly tested with the D800. Think about it, you take a photo with the D800's full frame at f/16 and another in DX crop mode (i.e., essentially the same in terms of resolution and format as your D7000) at f/11, and then compare them. In what way is DX format an improvement over FX format as it relates to DOF?

Or are you disputing that landscapes benefit from extra DOF?

I'm disputing that you get extra DOF from DX compared to 135 format, and that there is any image quality benefit to using DX format. However, since you bring it up, I don't think all landscape photos benefit from extra DOF.

Not quite sure what you're after there.

It was a simple question and I'm not sure why you are having trouble grasping it.

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