Samsung NX100 Top Control Wheel Problem

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Re: Samsung NX100 Top Control Wheel Problem

Hi everybody. I think I can help with it.

I have 3 of these cameras in my family so far. I got all 3 brand new and they comes from a different parts of the world and various series (black comes from Poland, grey from Germany and White from UK; still want a brown one to last kid when she grows up a little).

I find this camera very good, better than any of even newest nx (nx200, nx210, nx20, nx1000 etc.) because it has not such rough and deep noise reduction and does not higher ISO JPGs look so unnatural. It has better noise than micro 4/3 cameras and it is A WAY cheaper than other large sensor mirrorless cameras.

But it has 2 dents.

1. What it does is not controlling an external flash (SEF-42) AF light. I have fixed one of my cameras to do so on the warranty, the others I CANNOT because Samsung lets you use your warranty only in the country of purchase. SHAME ON YOU, SAMSUNG! It should be repaired any place regardless warranty because it is manufacturing issue - it looks ALL NX100 have this problem!

2. The other issue is what is described here - top plate control wheel goes crazy.

Let me describe what I've found. Probably it is because of moisture because these cameras get the problem even after a smallest contact vith wet weather when most cameras work fine after it.

The solution is very simple and I do so regardless warranty - do not have to wait to repair it and pay for shipping. All you need is some IPA (isopropyl alcohol). You just let a drop or two through the wheel (do not need to disassemble anything) and wait until it dries (what takes several minutes). After it you'll see it working properly, but not smooth. Now you need to let a drop of lubrification (oil for electric contacts would be best) through that control wheel and turn it for a while. It will work until another exposure to moisture. At least it works like it with all my 3 cameras of this type for 1,5 year.

I hope I was helpful.


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